GAP Analysis

GAP Analysis

A safety gap analysis is an analytical tool used continuously to measure the gap between a company’s current safety performances against safety standards. By performing a safety gap analysis, companies can identify how they can close the gap and produce at the optimal level of performance. The safety requirements are set either by the industry, competition or the government.



Occupational Health and Safety Management

Contractor Safety Pre-qualification Reviews

The TRH Group will assist Contract Management Staff with the development and maintenance of a formal contractor safety pre-qualification process. The contractor pre-qualification process can include but is not limited to the development of a questionnaire and/or procurement checklist outlining the following required submittals:



  • Health and Safety Policy and Program
  • Workplace Violence and Harassment Policies
  • Health and Safety Training Records
  • Current Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) CAD-7 Experience Rating, etc.
  • Project Specific Safety Requirements to be submitted and reviewed with Contractor

Contract Management Staff will use the questionnaire / procurement checklist to ensure all required submittals have been received from the Contractor.

An effective contractor safety pre-qualification process allows Contract Management Staff to obtain the pertinent health and safety records and past safety performance criteria for Contractors, which can be used in the Contractor procurement process.



Monitoring Measuring Sampling Analysis

Pre-Project Risk Assessments

The TRH Group will conduct a Pre-Project Risk Assessment through:
– Identifying hazards,
– Analyzing or evaluating the risk associated with that hazard; and
– Determining appropriate ways to eliminate or control the hazard

In practical terms, our professional OHS consultants and specialists will look at your workplace to identify those things, situations, processes, etc that may cause harm, particularly to people. After identification is made, an evaluation on how likely and severe the risk is, and together we decide what measures should be in place to effectively prevent or control the harm from happening.



Ergonomics is the science of matching the job to the worker. Through our network of specialists, a TRH Ergonomist will work with you in the design of systems to optimize overall system performance in your workplace.




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