As an industry leader in health and safety, The TRH Group specializes in industrial, institutional, construction and project safety management serving all industries across North America. The TRH Group provides services to small and large companies, property management groups, developers, industrial facilities, general contractors and trade contractors.

Policies Programs and Procedures

Policies, Programs and Procedures

A policy statement indicates the employer’s principles and general rules outlining their commitment to health and safety in the workplace.

A health and safety program is a plan of action designed to prevent accidents and occupational diseases. A health and safety program must include the elements required by the health and safety legislation as a minimum.

Procedures provide guidance to management, supervisors and employees on how to perform their required duties safely.

JHSCJoint Health and Safety Committee Guidance

Our team of health and safety professionals offer experience and leadership to ensure your Joint Health and Safety Committee perform at their best as we assist to integrate industry best safety practices into each meeting.




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