In recent years, many project Owners and/ or Constructors have implemented 3rd party prequalification systems to evaluate their contractor’s health and safety programs online. These prequalification systems audit the contractor’s written programs and performance information against a set of standards prescribed by the owner. In order to bid on projects or conduct work activities, a contractor must ensure its health and safety program meets or exceeds these standards. Depending on the owner and 3rd party prequalification organization the contractor may be requested to provide further information or demonstration of their health and safety system prior to contract award. Some of the more visible 3rd party prequalification systems include; Comply Works, ISNET World, Contractor Check, Avetta (Formerly PICS Auditing), etc.

Contractor Pre-Qualifications such as the ones listed above will generally review information including but not limited to the following:

  1. Type of work contractor is engaged in
  2. Type of equipment used by contractor
  3. Subcontractors
  4. Training
  5. Accident / incident record
  6. WSIB
  7. Environmental Issues
  8. Owner / Constructor Requirements

Companies who are members of Comply Works, ISNET World, Contractor Check, PICS, etc. can use COR to expedite the Health and Safety Program auditing process. The TRH Group provides assistance with the abovementioned 3rd party prequalification systems.