Site Safety InspectionsSite Safety Inspections

Regular site safety inspections keep the workplace safe by identifying and correcting hazards in the workplace before an accident or injury occurs. At the TRH Group, our professional consultants may act as part of your management staff or act independently to provide oversight of the projects health and safety program.

The TRH Group can provide regular and careful check of a workplace or part of a workplace in order to identify health and safety hazards and to recommend corrective action. Workplace factors that have the potential to cause injury or illness to employees include: equipment, materials, processes or work activities, and the environment.




safety advisorOn-site Safety Advisors

The TRH Group has a dedicated team of experienced safety advisors to meet your company’s safety management system needs. Our on-site safety advisors are able to support your team members and managers ensuring compliance with all legislation, and your health and safety program. Our team provides a positive and flexible approach in a coaching leadership style to ensure continual improvement of your safety program and safety of your team members.



Safety AuditsSafety Audits

Quantitative and qualitative audits may be performed to determine the effectiveness of your health and safety system at an organizational level or for individual branches, facilities or projects.

A safety audit consists of a TRH safety advisor reviewing health and safety related documentation, interviewing selected staff and touring the workplace. Afterwards, a report to the employer is presented outlining the advisor’s observations and recommendations. Lastly, during a follow-up meeting, the advisor and employer work together to set priorities and develop an action plan to prioritize activities, which present risk or identify systems requiring improvement.


Workwell AuditWorkwell Audit/ Risk Management Plan

The Workwell Program evaluates the health and safety practices and procedures of employers who are at greater risk of experiencing workplace incidents, to encourage necessary improvements and prevent injuries, illnesses and fatalities. The evaluation approach and subsequent action strategy match the employer’s health and safety experience level.

A TRH safety advisor will:

  • examine health and safety policies, procedures, records and other related documents
  • observe workplace practices and procedures during normal operation
  • inspect the workplace; and
  • interview staff and management

Afterwards, the TRH safety advisor will provide a report outlining their findings and corrective actions to prioritize activities, which present risk or identify systems requiring improvement.


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